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Please provide some information on your project or goals and we’ll move the conversation on from there. Please note - Ke’Ari Brooks does not take unpaid requests.

Let's Work Together

Interested in Custom Illustration Work?

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Send an email to artbykearibrooks@gmail.com or submit a message via the contact form. From here, we will discuss the details of the project such as sizing and delivery options.


You'll receive an invoice and instructions on how to pay. Payment plans can be established if needed. 

I Get to Work

Usual turnaround time for custom illustrations is 2 weeks, but it is possible it may be delivered sooner depending on the number of projects I'm currently creating. Rush fee will be applied for projects needed earlier.


Custom work is delivered digitally via email. If requested, a physical copy can be shipped for an additional fee.


I partnered with the Everytable team to create artwork for their new restaurant location in Hollywood. 

Partner with me! If you're interested in partnering, please email artbykearibrooks@gmail.com.